Friday, January 7, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

 My family came to visit for Thanksgiving and we had a ton of fun.  Charlotte was so excited to meet everyone!

Charlotte Gayle Horman November 18, 2010

Here I am before she was born. Little Charlotte was breech and so the doctor turned her around. then they induced labor.  After a few hours we discovered there was a prolapsed cord.  All of a sudden it was en emergency.  Just like that I was whisked away cut open and had a baby!  WOW!
 Good thing she is so cute.  Charlotte Gayle 7 lbs 1 oz.  19 1/2 inches

 Holding her new sister!
 The Horman crew

Off to school!

 Thad and Avery are off to catch the bus.
 Avery - kindergarten
 Thad - 5th grade
 Off they go!!!!!
 Braxton primping!
 Braxton - 8th grade

Everett Drive

We are enjoying our new house!  While Todd and I are working the kids have a blast in the pool!


 In August 2010 we went to Nauvoo.  We had a great time learning about church history and the pioneers.
 Braxton, Thad and Avery by the mighty Mississippi River.

 Learning how to make rope.
 Wouldn't she make a darling pioneer girl!

We stayed in this cute log cabin while we were there. 

Good bye Kimberly Drive!

We bought a new house and had to sell our house on Kimberly Drive.  We are so excited about the new house but it was hard to leave our house and many friends on Kimberly!

Spring Break 2010

 For spring break we went to San Antonio.  Here we are at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
 Thad and Avery are getting ready to take off in their Wiggles airplane.
 Braxton wanted his own plane.  He felt much too comfortable in Wiggle's world!
 Avery on the carousel.
Outside the Alamo.

 The kids loved the Riverwalk.